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Modulo Corporate offers custom Japanese courses for all our partners in Bangkok and online, taught by our industry-leading teaching team.

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Corporate Japanese Training

Our classes are great for employees working in all industries

OOur corporate Japanese classes are available to learners of all levels who need to focus on language skills directly related to work and the workplace.

These courses are designed to improve proficiency in all four language skills, with a focus on business themes and vocabulary. The courses are incredibly effective at improving communication accuracy in the context of the workplace. We have courses for leadership, business communication, business skills, specific industries and specific professions.

As with all Modulo courses, personalization is paramount. Thanks to the unparalleled interactivity of all Modulo lessons, students will never have to worry about running out of business-related contexts to discuss and learn in.

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Corporate Japanese courses

Here are some details about Modulo Corporatess Business Japanese courses

All Modulo Corporate courses are tailored to the individual organization. We customize each course to match the wants and the needs of all our corporate partners, following a completely free consultation with Academic and Operations team members.
Whether employees only have a bit of experience using Japanese or are already advanced users, Modulo Corporate has a course for them. Want to improve the Japanese skills of your management or leadership? How about improving the communication skills of your team? Interested in making everyone's emails, presentations or meetings more effective? Modulo Corporate has the ideal course for you.


  • A course focused on giving learners the necessary language to excel in a Japanese-speaking work environment.

    Highlights essential language skills for effective communication and business skills.

  • Language learning
    Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary

  • Business Skills
    Emails, Presentations, Meetings etc.


  • Ideal for students who want to perfect the language needed in their profession, industry or position.

    We have specific courses for doctors, lawyers, engineers, cabin crew, and many more!

  • Specific Language learning
    Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary

  • Specific Business Skills
    Emails, Presentations, Meetings etc.


  • Short courses & workshops designed to master the use of the most important business soft skills.

    Improve your emails, presentations, report writing, meeting participation, and more!

  • Language learning
    Key phrases, writing, confidence

  • Business Skills
    Emails, Presentations, Meetings etc.

Our materials

The best resources to support your learning

We use only the most highly regarded Japanese business materials at Modulo Corporate, to ensure the time and effort of learners is maximized. Combining these great materials with our top teachers ensures maximum results. We have appropriate materials to cover all proficiencies and objectives.

Empower Leadership

Nihongo De Hataraku

For advanced Japanese learners, Nihongo De Hataraku offers priceless insights into the language and cultural minutia of doing business in Japan or with Japanese people. Students won't just learn the language, they will also learn the skills required to be an effective business person in a thriving Japanese company and market.

  • Every unit contains vocabulary development activities and a rapid review of essential grammar.
  • There is a regular focus on key business functions, and each unit ends with a motivating case study to allow students to practise language they have worked on during the unit.
  • There are also revision units in the Course Book to revise and consolidate the work in the main units.
Nihongo de Hataraku coursebook used at Modulo Corporate

Improve workplace communication

Japanese for Professionals

With a focus on elementary or above speakers of Japanese, Japanese for Professionals is an outstanding book aimed specifically at learners working either in Japanese companies, or with Japanese colleagues. This book is well regarded as the industry gold standard for business Japanese, and you deserve nothing less.

  • Every unit contains vocabulary development activities and a rapid review of essential grammar.
  • There is a regular focus on key business functions, and each unit ends with a motivating case study to allow students to practise language they have worked on during the unit.
  • There are also revision units in the Course Book to revise and consolidate the work in the main units.
Japanese for professionals book used by Modulo Corporate

Become an industry leader

Japanese for Industries

At Modulo Corporate, we understand that specific businesses have specific language needs within their industry. If general business communication does not suit your needs, choosing a course with language unique to your company's industry is the smart choice.
We have industry-specfic courses for:

  • The retail industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The aviation industry
  • The fashion industry
  • The banking and finance industry
  • ... and many more!
Modulo Retail Japanese textbook

Develop your team members

Modulo Business Japanese for Professions

If you would like to focus your corporate Japanese course on a specific department or profession within your organzation, we are happy to accommodate. We have courses designed with the language an individual profession needs to perform at the absolute highest level.
e have profession-specfic courses for:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Professionals
  • Accounting
  • ... and many more!
Modulo Japanese textbook

Master business skills

Business Skills

One of the most challenging aspects of using Chinese in the workplace is business soft skills. This doesn't have to be so scary or difficult, however. We have courses specifically designed for a wide range of abilities, to ensure employees are able to present, negotiate and write emails like native speakers.
Study with us, and improve your:

  • Email writing
  • Presentations
  • Negotiating
  • ... and many more!
Modulo Japanese textbook

How does it work?

Elegant Simplicity

Follow our five convenient steps to learning success.

1 - Consultation

Understanding the wants - We will meet with you and discuss what exactly you are looking for in a training program.

2 - Assessment

Understanding the students - When we know exactly what you are looking for, we can begin to assess the employees attending the course.

3 - Development

Understanding the course - Our Academic Team will begin working on the ideal course, specifically tailored to meet your expectations.

4 - Delivery

Understanding the experience - Our professional, experienced and knowledgeable teachers can turn any information into an engaging lesson.

5 - Evaluation

Understanding the progress - Our trainers gauge each student’s progress throughout the course, and our regular reports reflect this from start to finish.
Modulo Japanese business teacher

Amazing Teachers

They are, put simply, the best

All our Japanese teachers are carefully selected for their professionalism, qualifications and experience. They go through Modulo Corporate's high-quality training programs and receive regular coaching and workshops continuously through their career with us.

About our Japanese teachers:

  • Native speakers
  • University degrees
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Modulo Corporate elite training
  • Corporate teaching experience

Did we mention they were also great fun to be around?

Modulo Corporate's supporting documents

Fantastic Support

Never feel left in the dark

Working with Modulo Corporate is a partnership; agreeing on and starting a course is just the first step.

Throughout the duration of your course, you'll be in regular communication with both our Operations and Academic teams. We'll keep you abreast of all happenings inside and outside the classroom, so you never feel left in the dark.

To support this, we offer all our corporate partners personalised student reports, progress checkpoints, certificates of completion, feedback... and many more!

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We'll work with you to create a custom, tailor-made course for your organization's needs.
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Modulo is an industry-leading provider of corporate language training solutions. We put quality and customer service above all else, delivering services of superior standard. Our cost-effective courses are flexible, customizable and specific to you. No two organizations are identical, and so no two training packages should be, either. Our highly-experienced management and academic team will work with you to deliver exactly what you want and need.