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語学のリーダーによるあなたのビジネスを成長させるための近道 オプションと特徴をチェックしてください。

Modulo Thai corporate teacher


私たちのクラスは 営業 会計 保険 接客 マーケティング 銀行 等で働いている方にとても良いです。

他のModuloのコースと同様、個別化が最重要です。類まれなModuloの対話式のレッスンのおかげで、 受講生はビジネス関連のトピックがなくなってしまう心配もありません。


business conversation classes


  • ビジネスの基礎を学ぶタイ語
  • 文法やボキャブラリーの重要な部分を磨く
  • 流暢かつ正確に話す


  • 自信をもってタイ語を提供してます。
  • 明瞭かつ簡潔なEメールを書く
  • 効果的かつ生産的な会議を開く


  • あなたの仕事に関連した語学学習
  • 外国人の同僚とのコミュニーケーション
  • 効率を最大限にするためのスキルを磨く

How does it work?

1/5 - Consultancy

Understanding the needs

Every company is different. Each offer a different service or goods at different prices to different customers. We understand individuality. Certainly, whatever needs you have for language education will stem from this uniqueness of your company. Just as we cater one-on-one lessons to individual students, we can also begin to understand who you are, what you need, and how you want it done. Presentations? Email? Conversation? We can teach everything. We're happy to work with you hand in hand on any need you have.

2/5 - Assessment

Understanding the students

When we understand exactly what you need to make your company and staff more excellent, we can begin to assess the staff who would like to join the course. Whether in large groups, small groups, or one-on-one, we have the experience . As mentioned above, just as just company is different, each student also brings something unique to the classroom. We are experts in understanding this uniqueness: their grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, confidence, etc. Thus, we can begn to match the students with yours needs.

3/5 - Development

Understanding the course

When we know what you need and who the students are, we can begin to settle on the ideal course, specifically tailored to meet both criteria above. We take everything into consideration: the number of students, the length of the course, the number of hours per session, etc. We are able to scale any of these characteristics to meet a higher or lower demand. Whatever we mutually decide on, you're certain to be happy with the content. As learning is a dynamic effort, these priorities could shift, to which we are able to adapt.

4/5 - Delivery

Understanding the experience

Our teachers are professionals. They have the personality, experience, and knowledge to turn any information into an engaging lesson. The teachers for your course keep in regular contact throughout the contract period. Teachers continually exchange lesson summaries, meet to talk about student progress, and adjust the course content to meet the developing needs of the company and students. To ensure student satisfaction, we routinely have internal assessments measuring all aspects of their language experience.

5/5 - Evaluation

Understanding the progress

Learning is never passive. It requires students to interact with new lessons and practice what was learned. The more they participate and practice, the more they will receive from lessons. We always aim to engage the students as much as possible. A huge benefit of this is that teachers will also be able gauge each student's progress through this interaction. Throughout the course, progress will certainly be made and our written report will reflect this progress from start to finish.












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